Making blockchain applications closer to people
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About us
Technical evangelist
We will promote NEO blockchain platform in the form of offline lectures, live broadcasts, community Q&A, and articles to help developers turned into blockchain developers.
Infrastructure building
NEL will undertake the necessary non-profit infrastructure building of the NEO blockchain ecosystem, such as smart contract online compiler, blockchain browser, etc. Developers with certain blockchain and smart contract development experience can choose to join these projects.
Commercial projects
In addition to non-profit infrastructure, we are also developing commercial projects that aim to make blockchain applications closer to people and facilitate our lives. At present, we are implementing NEO Name Service(NNS).
NEL browser
A NEO blockchain browser deve-
-loped by NEL.
NEL wallet
A NEO web wallet developed by us which supports NNS at the same time.
NNS-decentralized domain name service
NNS is a decentralized domain name service ending in ".neo" based on the NEO blockchain platform.
NEODUN Hardware Wallet
NEODUN is a hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrency keys such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO.
NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition
NEL is currently hosting the first NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition with 39 prizes valued at 3.5million CNY.
BlaCat is NEO based dApp platform and SDK that makes its easier for conventional game developers to develop blockchain games, and simplifies the user experience for gamers.
Crypto Gladiator
A game developed by our FumJumping team that combines blockchain technology with traditional game elements which allows gamers to experience both the innovations that the blockchain brings and the original fun of traditional games.
More projects coming soon...
We provide news blogs and API documents for everyone to learn about related news as well as technical information.
Liu Yongxin
Co-initiator of NEL-Chinese NEO development volunteer community
Li Jianying
NEO core developer, NEL co-initiator
Liu Qianming
Core Developer, Full-stack Engineer
Vincent Zhao
Senior Web Development Engineer
Yin Wei
Core Developer, Full-stack Engineer
Liao Jinghui
Full-stack Engineer
Tian Shuai
Development Engineer
Wei Li
Web Development Engineer
Robbie Wang
Overseas Community Operations
Benny Wong
UI Designer
Operation Manager
Zhang Zhe
Product manager of Neodun
FunJumping Team
Chen Xi
Initiator of FunJumping
Xiao Xiao
Co-initiator of FunJumping
Liu Guolong
Senior Web Development Engineer
Zhang Fan
Game Producer
Chen Weiting
Senior Game Technology Engineer
Fan Yuming
Game Technology Engineer
Wang Ligang
BlaCat Product Manager
Qian Jing
Marketing Manager